Water pollution in egypt

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Tackling global water pollution

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Water resources management in modern Egypt

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"This water is a source of pollution and a source of diseases, for the people and also for the environment," Hillis said. "Visitors to the sea suffer from a lot of illnesses related to the skin because of the direct contact from swimming in this polluted water.".

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The Egyptian government has developed a five-year environmental action plan (//02) for attacking the country's solid waste, air and water pollution problems. In Egypt, these future projections will compound pre-existing issues, such as the salinisation of the Nile delta and water pollution issues.

Egypt has depleted the Nile’s water resources by overdrawing its allocation, through projects such as the desert reclamation in the Toshka Depression and the Al-Salam Canal system that reclaims land in. ORIGINAL ARTICLE Water pollution in the Middle Nile Delta, Egypt: An environmental study Samy I.

El-Kowranya, Enas A. El- Zamaranyb, Kholoud A. El-Noubya, Dalia A. El. The level of the Egyptian Red Sea water pollution by oil was studied to assess the general pattern of oil pollutants and to evaluate the hydrocarbon origin (anthropogenic, petrogenic or biogenic) with emphasis on the poly aromatic hydrocarbons in surface water.

Water pollution in egypt
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Lesson 6: The Nile River - Where Does the Water Go?