Soviet union employs abortion as a method of contraception

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Abortion in Russia

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Contraception Matters: Two Approaches to Analyzing Evidence of the Abortion Decline in Georgia

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Relationships Between Contraception and Abortion: A Review of the Evidence

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Henshaw SK et al. Chapter 1. FAMILY PLANNING AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH FOR HEALTH CARE MANAGERS Chapter 1 11 include safe alternatives to abortion that support the patient both before and after the proce- dure. Another basic service is the prevention and treatment of infertility.

Abortion Remains Top Birth-Control Option In Russia. the most common method of birth control remains a Soviet-era holdover: abortion. Oral contraception was not available and more often. As in most of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, abortion has been the major method of fertility limitation in Estonia since the mids.

Is "abortion culture" fading in the former Soviet Union? Views about abortion and contraception in Kazakhstan. ABORTION, CONTRACEPTION, AND POPULATION POLICY IN THE SOVIET UNION Summary DESPITE its anti-Malthusian bias, current Soviet doctrine makes clear that.

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Because it employs a stratified analysis by age, parity, residence, education and socioeconomic status, the decomposition of change method allows for a better examination of the trade-off between contraception and abortion among various demographic subgroups than does the Westoff model.

Soviet union employs abortion as a method of contraception
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Abortion Remains Top Birth-Control Option In Russia