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So Beautiful or So What

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Paul Simon – “Rewrite” + “So Beautiful or So What” 5/14 SNL

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The recording artist and performer in me follow in the writer's footsteps." -- Paul Simon Paul Simon's Songwriter is a selection of songs, chosen by the composer, as the best of his decades-long creative output. Paul Simon replaced his earlier compilation, Greatest Hits, Etc. (), with this one, allowing Hits to go out of print.

Fans may well wish that he had simply put together a Greatest Hits, Etc., Vol. 2 instead, however, since this is a case of a track album covering 15 years replacing a track album covering five years while containing nine of the same songs. Rewrite (lyrics) Rewrite (lyrics) Rhythm of the Saints (chords) Richard Cory (chords) Richard Cory (tabs) River (lyrics) Run That Body Down (tabs) Run That Body Down (chords) Sal's Last Song (lyrics) Santero (lyrics) Satin Summer Nights (lyrics) Save the Live of my Child (chords) Scarborough Fair (tabs) Scarborough Fair (tabs) Señorita With.

Paul Simon - Rewrite lyrics. Rewrite by Paul Simon. I've been working on my rewrite, that's right. I'm gonna change the ending. Gonna throw away my title. And toss it in the trash. Every minute after midnight. All the time I'm spending. It's just for working on my rewrite. Gonna turn it into cash.

Art Garfunkel on Paul Simon: 'I created a monster'

Lyrics and video for the song Rewrite by Paul Simon - Songfacts. I'm workin' on my rewrite, that's right Gonna change the ending Throw away the title Toss it in the trash Every minute after midnight All the time I'm spending Is just for workin'on my rewrite Gonna turn it into cash I been workin' at the Car Wash.

Paul simon rewrite amazon
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