Napoleon despot

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Cruel despot or wise reformer? Napoleon’s two faces go on view

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To what extent was Napoleon an enlightened despot?

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To what extent was Napoleon an enlightened despot?

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Who is Napoleon?

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Napoleon’s two faces go on view Bonaparte divides opinion between those who view him as a military and political genius and others as a warmongering despot. “They also show Napoleon. Introduction: Napoleon Bonaparte: 7 Lessons From a Despot Napoleon Bonaparte ( – ), envisioned a European Union.

However, he tried to realize this dream by using force and domination, which aren’t sustainable strategies. Napoleon was very ambitious and loved power. Napoleon is the classic example of such a ruler and clearly throughout his rule, exhibits the characteristics of an enlightened despot because of the following reasons: his attempts to broaden religious peace, political centralization, and social reforms.

Napoleon is a despot since he created a strong centralizedgovernment and pretty much got rid of the hundreds of localized lawcodes that had existed during under the control of the monarchy. Dec 29,  · Of course being despot also means (quasi) absolute power and innovations that question the rulers authority are shunned.

Examples from Napoleons rule: The French revolution did away with the old feudal system of France. Napoleon gave France a system that could replace it with a rule of law and modern style public services.

Napoleon despot
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