Developmental/remedial coursework

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Students must be admitted to EPCC. The following conditions will affect eligibility for financial aid: Individuals admitted as Transient or Concurrent Students (those who will receive a degree from another institution rather than EPCC) will not be eligible for financial aid at EPCC.

A remedial/developmental education course cannot be used to meet the core subject area/unit requirements in English and math for high school graduation. Public school students in grade 12 who are enrolled in remedial/developmental education courses are not counted for public higher education funding purposes.

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Creating a Comprehensive Student-Athlete Support Program: Best Practices with NO Budget!

Developmental/Remedial Credit

Jenn Burleson, Mt. San Jacinto College. Associate Professor/ Counselor. Students May Take Developmental/Remedial Coursework for Dual Credit This database indicates whether state policy explicitly allows high school students to access postsecondary developmental/remedial coursework for dual credit.

The Office of College, Career and Technical Education contributes to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's statewide effort to help prepare students for Success after High School. Massachusetts Definition of College and Career Readiness.

Community colleges in the United States Developmental/remedial coursework
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