Declarative memory

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Also called declarative knowledge. See explicit memory. Compare non-declarative memory- procedural mem.


Long-term memory is often divided into two further main types: explicit (or declarative) memory and implicit (or procedural) memory. Declarative memory (“knowing what”) is memory of facts and events, and refers to those memories that can be consciously recalled (or "declared").

Both declarative and nondeclarative memories originate from the long-term part of the memory.

Difference Between Declarative and Non-declarative Memory: Listed

Long-term memory is that part of the memory that can store incidents for an infinite duration of time. Declarative memory is a form of long-term memory of which there are two types with the other known as procedural are two subcategories: episodic and semantic memories.

Start studying declarative memory. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Declarative memory consists of facts and events that can be consciously recalled or "declared." Also known as explicit memory, it is based on the concept that this type of memory consists of.

Declarative memory
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