Construction science

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Construction Management

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Construction Science

Construction Science This major prepares students to Construction science the construction industry in various positions with the ability to lead, problem solve, and use innovative applications on their construction projects.

Associate in Applied Science in Construction Management. The Clyde Institute of Construction Management Program has been designed to provide students a strong foundation in Construction Management that prepares them for jobs in construction site supervision and/or for advancement on to a BS degree in Construction Management.

If this describes you, and you love construction, then Clemson’s degree in construction science and management is custom built for you. In the classroom and laboratory, on job sites and in an hour internship, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in the construction industry.

The Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Inc. (CSRF) is an independent, not-for-profit construction industry research organization dedicated to unifying and integrating communication between programs and design/communications processes used in facilities design and construction.

Undergraduate Undergraduate General Information. Our graduates enter the construction industry in various positions with the ability to lead, problem solve and use innovative applications on their projects.

Lauren Evans '05, speak about her experience as a student in the Construction Science program. The College of ECC recognizes the challenges of the 21st century. Our faculty and staff are committed to developing students who graduate well-rounded and work-ready.

Construction science
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