Boston lyric opera balanced scorecard

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Boston Lyric Opera

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words - 2 pages Boston Lyric Opera Pedagogical ObjectiveThe "Boston Lyric Opera" case, the first documented application of the Balanced Scorecard to an arts organization, was written to illustrate the application of the Balanced Scorecard to a nonprofit organization, especially one whose performance some people believe can not be quantified.

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'Strategy maps' aim to align firms' processes, assets

From Read more. As a measure, the opera will give their performers reviews, which is different than the symphony Which doesn’t have a measure rating their musicians).

On the learning and growth part of the balanced scorecard, the opera and symphony are also quite different. The symphony is focused on variety of performances to attract younger and varied. In the winter ofthe then-called Wang Center bestowed a $1 million grant to fellow nonprofit Boston Lyric Opera (BLO).

As part of this special partnership, the Shubert Theatre has been BLO’s home for 18 years. The organizations also partnered on a co-production Rachel Portman’s opera. Strategy maps, which had earlier been a part of the process of constructing the balanced scorecard, now became the central theme.

In this way the balanced scorecard evolved from a performance management tool to a comprehensive strategic management tool.

Mapping Your Corporate Strategy

It provides case studies of how two organizations have used the balanced scorecard: the Boston Lyric Opera and Teach For America. The Teach For America example is particularly useful because it shows how the balanced scorecard was used in human capital decisions.

Boston lyric opera balanced scorecard
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