A history of blues in american music

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American popular music

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Music Played in the 1950's Popular Music From the 50s

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A Brief History of the Blues

Latin America has produced a variety of genres born at the crossroads of European folk music, African music and native traditions. While not as popular as the popular music of the USA (also born out of the integration of European music and African music), Latin American genres shares the same characters that made it a universal koine'.

American popular music has had a profound effect on music across the world. The country has seen the rise of popular styles that have had a significant influence on global culture, including ragtime, blues, jazz, swing, rock, bluegrass, country, R&B, doo wop, gospel, soul, funk, heavy metal, punk, disco, house, techno, salsa, grunge and hip redoakpta.com addition, the American music industry is quite.

The music history of the United States includes many styles of folk, popular and classical music. Some of the best-known genres of American music are blues, rock and roll, and country.

Music history of the United States

The history began with the Native Americans, the first people to populate North America. The music of these people was highly varied in form, and was mostly.

Rhythm and Blues emerged from the jazz music of the 's and it came to be a term for blues music that was slightly more upbeat. Rhythm and Blues of the fifties combined jazz, doo-wop, blues, and gospel to create a unique sound during the decade.

A history of blues in american music
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